Stan Goldberg United States

5 May 1932 in United States
31 August 2014 in United States
82 years
Credited for



Also known as

Stan G. (pen name)

Stan Gee (pen name)

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Goldberg is best known for his work with Archie Comics.

As a colorist he helped design the original color schemes of Marvel's Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and other major characters in the 1960s.

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Journey into Unknown Worlds (Jubilee, 1953? series) #1 (July 1953)
The Train to Nowhere
Comic: Cover
Journey into Unknown Worlds (Jubilee, 1953? series) #2 (August 1953)
Land of Missing Men!
Comic: Cover
Journey into Unknown Worlds (Jubilee, 1953? series) #4 (1953)
The World Below the Atlantic!
Comic: Cover
My Friend Irma (Marvel, 1950? series) #38 (December 1953)
Wet Cement (My Friend Irma)
Comic: Cover
Lorna, the Jungle Girl (Horwitz, 1954? series) #1 (1954)
Untitled (Lorna, the Jungle Girl)
Comic: Cover
Black Rider (Transport, 1954? series) #1 (November 1954)
Untitled (Black Rider)
Comic: Cover
Della Vision the Television Queen (Horwitz, 1955? series) #1 (195-)
The Pringle Pretzel Hour
Comic: Cover
Kid Colt Outlaw (Horwitz, 1955? series) #47 (August 1955)
Wide-Open Town! (Kid Colt)
Comic: Cover
The Outlaw Kid (Horwitz, 1955 series) #3 (September 1955)
Death Battle (The Outlaw Kid)
Comic: Cover
Battle Brady (Horwitz, 1955 series) #6 (September 1955)
Behind Enemy Lines (Battle Brady)
Comic: Cover



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