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Gordon's earliest identified work in the comics industry is a text illustration for DC in 1946.

He contributed pencil and ink art to numerous companies during the 1950s, including ACG (war, romance), Harvey (war), Timely/Atlas (war, western, crime), Lev Gleason (romance), Toby Press (war, horror), Obit Publications (romance) and Trojan Comics (crime).

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War Battles (Red Circle, 1952 series) #16 (January 1954)
Operation Mercy
Comic: Comic story
Battle Action (Transport, 1954 series) #2 (September 1954)
Darkness! (Sabre Jet Squadron)
Comic: Comic story
Battle Action (Horwitz, 1954 series) #6 (1955)
South of Kot'ri!
Comic: Comic story
John Wayne Adventures (Red Circle, 1955 series) #3 (March 1955)
Dead Man's Boots (John Wayne)
Comic: Comic story
Heroes of the West Giant Edition (Jubilee, 1971) #41018 (May 1971)
Dead Man's Boots
Comic: Comic story



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