Marie Severin United States

21 August 1929 in United States
29 August 2018 in United States
89 years
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M. Hands (pen name)

S.M. (pen name)

Sev (pen name)

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Co-created the Living Tribunal and the original Spider-Woman.

Additional biography found at Alter Ego (TwoMorrows Publishing, 1999 series) #16 (July 2002) and Women and the Comics (Eclipse Books, 1985) by Trina Robbins and Catherine Yronwode.

Obituaries found at Comics Beat "The Obituary Marie Severin Should Have Received" (, New York Times "Marie Severin, Versatile Comic Book Artist, Dies at 89" (, The Comics Journal "Features, Marie Severin: 1929-2018" (, "Remembering Marie Severin, 1929-2018" (, and The Atlantic "Culture, Remembering the Woman Who Changed Marvel Comics" ( (amongst many).

Severin did support work as a colorist for EC Comics, from 1951 to 1955; Marvel Comics, from 1955 to 1957 and 1961 to 1992; Russ Cochran, from 1978 to 1991; Fantagraphics Books, in 1987; and DC Comics from 1996 to 1998.

Marie also did further support work for Marvel Comics in production, from 1965 to about 1968; art director, from 1974 to 1979; coloring director, from 1980 to 1992. She was also head colorist from an unknown date to 1972. Severin did pencils and inks comics work around 1988 for use by Marvel Comics licensing and merchandising.

Worked as a staff artist for the Federal Reserve Bank from 1957 to 1960. Works as artist on some filmstrips for Filmfax Productions in 1960, ones involving mythology is known.

She did coloring syndication work for the Sunday comic strip Bat Masterson (Columbia Features, 1959 series), from about 1959 to about 1960.

Severin did pencil and ink work for the fanzines, Marvelmania (Marvelmania International, 1970 series) #5 (1970), #6 (1971) [known, probably worked the entire run] and EC Lives (Ron Barlow, 1972 series), the 1972 EC Fan-Addict Convention book. (Biography from GCD.)

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Ace Reporter (Avon, 1956 series) #1 (April 1956)
Holiday for MacDuff
Comic: Comic story
Savage Tales (Sport Magazine, 1972 series) #1 (June 1972)
Untitled [The Frost Giant's Daughter] (Conan)
Comic: Comic story
Savage Tales (Sport Magazine, 1972 series) #1 (June 1972)
The Story Behind the Scenes
Comic: Text story
Super Giant (Sport Magazine, 1973 series) #2 (March 1973)
Forewarned is Four-Armed (Headstone P. Gravely [Host])
Comic: Comic story
Climax Adventure Comic (KG Murray, 1974 series) #16 (March 1975)
…And the Juggernaut Will Get You… If you Don't Watch Out! (The Bludgeoning Beast!)
Comic: Comic story
Hulk King Size Annual (Newton, 1975 series) #1 (1975)
A Refuge Divided! (The Incredible Hulk)
Comic: Comic story
Hulk King Size Annual (Newton, 1975 series) #1 (1975)
The Incredible Hulk (A Marvel Masterwork Pin-Up)
Comic: Illustration
Savage Tales (KG Murray, 1975 series) #6 (March 1975)
The Death-Dance of Thulsa Doom (Kull the Conqueror)
Comic: Comic story
Super Giant (KG Murray, 1974 series) #15 (May 1975)
A Titan Walks the Land
Comic: Cover
The Amazing Spider-Man (Newton, 1974 series) #3 (June 1975)
The Invincible Iron Man [Now Comes the Green Goliath!]
Comic: Illustration



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