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Afro-American letterer Holloway worked primarily for Timely/Atlas/Marvel, possibly beginning as a freelancer during the late 1950s monster era.

He worked on series including Tales to Astonish, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Strange Tales, Journey Into Mystery, Fantastic Four, Werewolf by Night, Tomb of Dracula, Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt Outlaw, Defenders and Incredible Hulk. His last known work appeared at Marvel in the mid-1970s in Spidey Super Stories.  

Holloway also worked for Western Publishing's Gold Key (1962-68), King Comics (1966-1967) and DC Comics (1968-1970). Some work was also printed by Charlton (1970) from Gold Key inventory.

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Black Knight (Horwitz, 1956? series) #1 (July 1956)
Untitled [The Abduction of King Arthur!] (Black Knight)
Comic: Comic story
Navy Action (Horwitz, 1954 series) #48 (April 1959)
They Raid by Night!
Comic: Comic story
All Star Adventure Comic (Colour Comics, 1960 series) #4 (April 1960)
I Was a Prisoner of the... Ape Creatures
Comic: Comic story
Strange Tales (Horwitz, 1963 series) #2 (April 1963)
We Can't All Be Human!
Comic: Comic story
Climax Adventure Comic (Colour Comics, 1962 series) #4 (June 1965)
When Wakes the Colossus! (The Wonderful Wasp Tells a Tale)
Comic: Comic story
Heartbeat Romances (Colour Comics, 1965? series) #3 (1965)
In My Sister's Shadow
Comic: Comic story
Superman Supacomic (Colour Comics, 1959 series) #110 (October 1968)
Part II: A Tale of 3 Teams (Superman and Batman)
Comic: Comic story
All Favourites Comic (Colour Comics, 1960 series) #69 (November 1968)
A Trader in Treachery
Comic: Comic story
Superman Presents Wonder Comic Monthly (Colour Comics, 1965 series) #49 (May 1969)
Bait for a Buzzard (Tomahawk)
Comic: Comic story
Superman Supacomic (Colour Comics, 1959 series) #118 (June 1969)
No Escape from the Circle of Death (Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes)
Comic: Comic story



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