Artie Simek United States

6 January 1916 in United States
20 February 1975 in United States
59 years
Credited for


Also known as

Arthur Simek

Art Simek (pen name)

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From 1946 to 1975, Simek did lettering and production work for Marvel Comics.

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Crime-Busters (Transport, 1953? series) #4 (October 1952)
Murder Has a Sweet Tooth
Comic: Comic story
The Spirit (Transport, 1953? series) #5 (August 1953)
The Black Bag
Comic: Comic story
Della Vision the Television Queen (Horwitz, 1955? series) #1 (195-)
The Pringle Pretzel Hour
Comic: Cover
My Friend Irma (Transport, 1953? series) #26 (October 1955)
Untitled (My Friend Irma)
Comic: Cover
Black Knight (Horwitz, 1956? series) #1 (1956)
The Menace of Modred the Evil (Black Knight)
Comic: Comic story
Patsy Walker and Her Pals (Horwitz, 1955? series) #20 (August 1956)
Untitled (Patsy Walker)
Comic: Cover
Sailor Sweeney (Marvel, 1956? series) #13 (September 1956)
Comic: Cover
Giant Wild West (Horwitz, 1957? series) #1 (January 1957)
Mystery in Tombstone
Comic: Comic story
Buffalo Bill (Horwitz, 1955 series) #71 (March 1957)
The Man!
Comic: Comic story
Navy Action (Horwitz, 1954 series) #33 (February 1958)
Be a Man She'll Admire Get Big Husky Muscles! (Gym Supplies Co.)
Comic: Advertisement



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