Max Elkan United States

5 June 1918 in United States
23 February 2000 in United States
81 years
Credited for


Also known as

Maxim Katz

M. D. E. (pen name)

Maxwell D. Elkan (pen name)

Maxwell Charles Elkan (changed name)

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Max Elkan was a long time comic book artist who worked for many of the publishers of comic books from the early 1940s until the early 1960s.

Elkan also did art work for pulp magazines and reportedly assisted artist Pete Costanza on Nickel Comics (Fawcett, 1940 series) #1 (May 17, 1940), though for what story is not known. It is possible the assistance was on a later issue.

He also worked for the Iger and Sangor studios.

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Master Comics (Cleland, 1948? series) #14 (November 1949)
The Sheriffs' Convention (Hopalong Cassidy)
Comic: Comic story
Love Not in the Script (Calvert, 1956?) (1956)
I Lied to Keep Him
Comic: Comic story
Grim Ghostly Stories (Gredown, ? series) (1978)
The Old Cemetery!
Comic: Comic story
Ghost (Gredown/Boraig, 1979 series) (1980)
It Walked by Night
Comic: Comic story
Forces of Evil (Gredown/Boraig, 1981?) (February 1982)
Daughter of the Pharaohs
Comic: Comic story
Terror Under the Sea (Gredown/Boraig, 1984? series) (1984)
Shadow of the Panther
Comic: Comic story



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