Leonard Starr United States

28 October 1925 in United States
30 June 2015 in United States
89 years
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Who's Who of American Comic Books

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Taxi O'Hara Comics (Colour Comics, 1948? series) #4 (1949)
Love and Larceny Don't Mix (Taxi O'Hara [Hack O'Hara])
Comic: Comic story
My Own Romance (Invincible, 1951 series) #16 (October 1952)
The Called Me "Tomboy"
Comic: Comic story
Operation: Peril (Atlas, 1955? series) #1 (July 1953)
Untitled (Danny Danger)
Comic: Comic story
Ace Carter Adventurer (Calvert, 1955? series) #1 (1955)
Untitled (Ace Carter)
Comic: Comic story
Blazing West (Action Comics, 1955 series) #2 (March 1955)
Untitled (Little Lobo the Bantam Buckaroo)
Comic: Comic story
My Greatest Adventure (Colour Comics, 1955 series) #1 (April 1955)
I Was King of Dagger Island!
Comic: Comic story
Follow that Man (Jubilee, 1955 series) #2 (May 1955)
A Tough Beat
Comic: Comic story
The Hooded Horseman (Action Comics, 195-? series) #15 (April 1956)
Untitled (Cowboy Sahib)
Comic: Comic story
The Hundred Comic Monthly (Colour Comics, 1956 series) #1 (October 1956)
I Discovered a "Million Dollar Mountain"
Comic: Comic story
My Greatest Adventure (Colour Comics, 1955 series) #19 (October 1956)
I Battled the Abominable Snowman
Comic: Comic story



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