Maurice Bramley Australia

11 September 1898 in New Zealand (Aotearoa)
15 June 1975 in Australia
76 years
Credited for






Also known as

Bram (pen name)

Bramley (pen name)

Maurice William Bramley (birth name)


Maurice Bramley [by Kerwin Maegraith] (1937)

Man Leaps to Line, Saves Woman's Life [Maurice Bramley] (1949?)

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Maurice Bramley was born in New Plymouth, New Zealand and migrated to Sydney in the mid-1920s.

From the 1930s, Bramley worked as a commercial artist The World's News and Woman and Woman's Budget (Sun/Associated Newspapers), with many covers and illustrations for the company through into the 1950s. During the second world war, he worked on recruitment posters for the Department of National Service. His 1943 poster 'Join Us in a Victory Job' was used on a postage stamp in 1991.

In the mid-1940s, he began a long association with AGP/Transport/Horwitz painting covers for pulp novels and later covers and filler stories for its reprints of US comics. He later provided full stories in issues of Navy Action (1960) and The Phantom Commando (1960).

After Horwitz stopped publishing comics, Bramley continued drawing covers, fillers and some entire stories for Yaffa/Page, including Frogman (~1967) and The Fast Gun (~1970).

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
The Sydney Mail (Fairfax, 1912 series) v47#1213 (26 June 1935)
Magazine: Cover
World's News (ANL, 1936 series) #1852 (9 June 1937)
No title recorded
Magazine: Cover
World's News (ANL, 1936 series) #1852 (9 June 1937)
Food for Fishes
Magazine: Text story
March of a Nation (ANL, 1938) (January 1938)
The First Farmlands
Book: Text article
World's News (ANL, 1936 series) #1849 (19 May 1938)
Alone - He Routed Savage Horde
Magazine: Text article
World's News (ANL, 1936 series) #1849 (19 May 1938)
A Grubstake with Death (Sudden)
Magazine: Text story
World's News (ANL, 1936 series) #1942 (25 February 1939)
Sudden Rides Again (Sudden)
Magazine: Text story
Pix (ANL, 1938? series) v5#4 (27 January 1940)
Artist Acts His Pictures
Magazine: Text article
The Sunday Sun and Guardian Magazine (Unknown, 1935? series) 24 March 1940 (24 March 1940)
Newspaper: Cover
World's News (ANL, 1936 series) #2029 (26 October 1940)
"Sudden" Returns in Thrilling New Serial
Magazine: Cover



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