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Justice League of America shifted through a range of titles during its run of Australian reprints. This list summarises where to find various issues of the US DC Justice League of America series.

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Show/hide 1.  Starro the Conqueror  (The Brave and the Bold 28, February-March 1960)
Show/hide 2.  Challenge of the Weapons Master  (The Brave and the Bold 29, April-May 1960)
Show/hide 3.  Case of the Stolen Super-Powers  (The Brave and the Bold 30, June-July 1960)
Show/hide 4.  World of No Return  (Justice League of America 1, October-November 1960)
Show/hide 5.  Secret of the Sinister Sorcerers  (Justice League of America 2, December 1960-January 1961)
Show/hide 6.  Slave Ship of Space  (Justice League of America 3, February-March 1961)
Show/hide 7.  Doom of the Star Diamond  (Justice League of America 4, April-May 1961)
Show/hide 8.  When Gravity Went Wild  (Justice League of America 5, June-July 1961)
Show/hide 9.  Wheel of Misfortune  (Justice League of America 6, August-September 1961)
Show/hide 10.  The Cosmic Fun House  (Justice League of America 7, October-November 1961)