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Phil Jackson anonymously assists British Intelligence as "Geminis" while being pursued by them for treason. The complete series of eight episodes is by Carlos Echevarría and Alfonso Font.

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Show/hide 1.  The Spider's Web  (Tela de araña)  —1974
Show/hide 2.  A Game of Hide-and-Seek  (El juego del escondite)
Show/hide 3.  Double Agent  (Doble espía)  —1973
Show/hide 4.  Episode 4  (El monstruo de acero)   Translates as "The Steel Monster"
Show/hide 5.  Child's Play  (Cosa de niños)
Show/hide 6.  A Romantic Story Set to the Rhythm of a Machine-Gun  (La otra cara de Kruger)   Translates as "The Other Side of Kruger"
Show/hide 7.  The Rat  (Ratón)
Show/hide 8.  The Hypnotist  (El hipnotizador)