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Sunday, produced by Selecciones Ilustradas, is the story of a Union colonel who returns from the civil war to find his son missing and his wife killed by southern bandits. He sets out to find his son, traversing the far-west and helping people he meets.

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Show/hide 1.  Episode 1  (Mi nombre es Sunday)   Translates as "My Name is Sunday"
Show/hide 2.  Episode 2  (El Implacable [Un tren a ninguna parte])   Translates as "The Relentless"
Show/hide 3.  Episode 3  (¡Linchad al asesino!)   Translates as "Lynching the Murderer"
Show/hide 4.  Episode 4  (La Noche del Tribunal)   Translates as "The Night Court"
Show/hide 5.  Episode 5  (Un Hombre Muere Por Nada)   Translates as "A Man dies for Nothing"
Show/hide 6.  Episode 6  (Los Buitres [Buitres humanos])   Translates as "The Vultures"
Show/hide 7.  Episode 7: Desert Angel  (El ángel del Mohave)   Translates as "The Mohave Angel"
Show/hide 8.  Episode 8  (El Capitán Siniestro)   Translates as "Captain Sinister"
Show/hide 9.  Episode 9  (Una historia del ferrocarril)   Translates as "A History of the Railways"  —1970
Show/hide 10.  Episode 10  (La noche de Apache Wells)   Translates as "The Night of Apache Wells"
Show/hide 11.  Episode 11  (Los Apuros de la Duquesa [Los acres de la discordia])   Translates as "Acres of Discord"
Show/hide 12.  Episode 12: The Devil of a Thousand Fires  (El Diablo de los mil incendios)   Translates as "The Devil of a Thousand Fires"
Show/hide 13.  Episode 13  (Los espías)   Translates as "The Spies"
Show/hide 14.  Episode 14  (Invierno y Humo)   Translates as "Winter and Smoke"
Show/hide 15.  Episode 15  (El revólver justiciero)   Translates as "The Gun Vigilante"
Show/hide 16.  Episode 16: Night of the Phantoms  ([Possibly "La noche de los fantasmas"])
Show/hide 17.  Episode 17  (Cruce de venganzas)   Crossroads of Revenge
Show/hide 18.  Episode 18: Appointment at Red Rock  (Cita en Red Rock)   Translates as "Meeting at Red Rock"