24 April 2006

Richard Rae—KG Murray Cover Artist by Kevin Patrick

Richard Rae—KG Murray Cover Artist

If you've been charting the fortunes of Australian-made comics for the last 25 years or so, then chances are you've come across the name Richard Rae.

You might have been one of the first Aussie comic fans of the early 1980s who picked up one of the many comic books which Richard wrote and published during 1980-1983, such as Star Heroes, The Greatest Super Hero and Fantastic Australian Heroes.

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1 March 2003

Murray Comics—A Brief History by Kevin Patrick

Murray Comics—A Brief History

Australian reprints of American comic books published between 1950s-1980s have become popular items with modern-day collectors.

During this period, the K. G. Murray Company (KGM) dominated Australian comics publishing, yet comic books were just one part of this phenomenally successful publishing enterprise.

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