Ringo, Big River Lawman by James Zee

Global Publishing History 1

Despite being completed by in 1968, most of the Giménez Gringo stories were not published in Spain until the 1970s, reflecting the fact that the series was created for the international market.


Partial and generally out of order Spanish printings appeared in El Gigante de la Historieta, serie azul (Manhattan, Spain) in 1963; and in the pocket size western collections Gran Oeste, Oeste Pistoleros and Sendas del Oeste (Ediciones Ferma, Spain).11See www.carlosgimenez.com....  

In 1971-1972, 22 issues of Gringo (Ibero Mundial de Ediciones, Spain) covered 22 of the 24 stories by Medina and Giménez. For this reprinting, the stories were reformatted to a smaller digest size, with significant impact on artwork.

A decade later there were several additional printings. In 1980, western anthology series Hunter (Riego Edicione, Spain) included the first nine episodes. In 1981 four issues of a new Gringo (Ediciones Alonso S.A, Madrid) series included two stories each, covering eight early episodes. In 1982, these stories were again reprinted in a single volume, 8 Adventuras de Gringo (Alonso , Spain).22Spanish printings of Gringo are documented at www.tebeosfera.com....  


In Chile, Gringo was printed in some issues of El Jinete Justiciero (Editoria Zig-Zag, Chile) between November 1965 and 1968. In later issues, Gringo alternates with episodes of another SI series, Sunday.

After 1968, Gringo was published in Zig-Zag's Far West, along with stories of Sunday, Vandalia West and Buffalo Bill. Following the military coup of September 1973 that brought Augusto Pinochet to power, Editorial Gabriela Mistral (operated by the Popular Unity government) continued Zig-Zag's Far West series from issue 172.33For a history of Chilean western comics, see www.ergocomics.cl....  


Gringo was generally published as a backup in Portugal across a range of publications, including Ciclone (Aguiar & Dias, Portugal), Mundo de Adventuras (Aguiar & Dias, Portugal) and Condor Popular (Aguiar & Dias, Portugal).44www.bdportugal.info....  


Spanish printings of Gringo are documented at www.tebeosfera.com.
For a history of Chilean western comics, see www.ergocomics.cl.