Various by James Zee

Australian reprint comics flooded the market

Australian access to international comics was limited until the 1980s, resulting in a strong local comic industry, including reprint comics.

Many of the earliest and most popular Australian comics were based on reprints of newspaper strips, reflecting international trends and later providing an opportunity to circumvent import restrictions. The mid-1930s saw significant expansion of syndicated newspaper material in Australia, particularly following formation of the Yaffa Syndicate to distribute material from King Features Syndicate.

From the end of the Second World War, the publication of reprint comics exploded and a multitude of companies entered the market. By the early 1950s, reprints based on the output of diverse US publishers fill the news stands, including the work of such diverse publishers as DC, ACG, Charlton, Avalon, Novelty Press, Quality, Comic Media, Ziff-Davis, St. John, Ajax-Farrell, Fiction House and Atlas/Marvel.

Included in this section of are publishers where only a few issues are currently logged in the database. Many of these publishers produced numerous comics and will warrant their own classification on the site as the records grow.